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About Us

Welcome to Packwood Meat Locker, where tradition meets quality since 1994.


Our History

As a cornerstone of the community, Packwood Locker and Meats has been your trusted partner in custom livestock processing for over three decades. Our commitment to excellence resonates through every cut, every order, and every interaction with our valued customers.


At Packwood Locker, we understand that your meat preferences are as unique as you are. That's why we approach each butchering order with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your specifications are met with precision and care. Whether you're looking for the perfect cut of beef for a family barbecue or seeking the juiciest pork chops for a Sunday dinner, we've got you covered.


Step into our freezer section, and you'll find a tantalizing array of frozen retail meats ready to elevate your culinary adventures. From succulent steaks to flavorful chops, juicy burger patties to tender chicken, fresh fish to savory deli selections, and artisanal cheeses, our selection caters to every palate and preference.


Packwood Meat Locker is more than just a purveyor of fine meats; we're a proud local community member. We're grateful for the unwavering support of our neighbors throughout the years, and we remain dedicated to serving you with integrity, passion, and gratitude.


As we look ahead, we're excited about the opportunity to continue providing top-quality meats and exceptional service for many years to come. 


Experience the difference at Packwood Meat Locker – where quality, tradition, and community converge to create an unforgettable culinary journey.

With thanks, Peyton Greiner


Now is the time to book your appointment for custom Hog/Beef/Lamb processing for the 2024 - 2026 years. Our appointment schedules fill up quickly, so don't wait too long to call!

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